Transitional Urology

There have been significant developments in many areas of surgery. Paediatric surgery has developed as part of this and as a result, patients born with major congenital anomalies of their urinary and genital systems will live into adult lives. Historically, many would not have survived beyond childhood until the later part of the last century. Sir David Innes Williams, at Great Ormond Street, and Professor Christopher Woodhouse were the first to recognise that these patients would grow into adults and need specialist care beyond childhood.


Since that time both men have retired but their legacy is a growing understanding and interest in the care of adult patients born with urogenital anomalies and the need to care for their complex needs in adulthood. The main principles are that as the patient progresses through adolescence they will gradually learn more about their condition, its treatment and what is a need (by them and their doctors) to look after themselves well. As they develop this understanding the decision making and responsibility will shift from their parents to themselves.


Many of the conditions we look after are rare and have required complex surgery. In order to be able to provide good care for these patients, doctors looking after adults in this field need to be expert in the conditions they have, the treatment (ie surgery) that was done in childhood and the reconstructive techniques that are needed to resolve problems in adulthood. Whilst there is a developing interest, there are still very few centres that have this expertise available.

Dan Wood - A Mitrofanoff Support Patron 

Mitrofanoff Support is extremely close to Dan's heart, so much so that he is proud to have been asked to be it's Patron. Dan attends all of the patient education days and he is very much in favour of the modern peer to peer approach of Mitrofanoff Support.

Mitrofanoff charity provides information, reassurance, emotional support and networking. This enables like-minded people to gain support and friendships with people who are going through the same or similar experiences.

Dan Wood – “I am honoured to have been asked to become the Patron of Mitrofanoff Support”.

Transitioning Medical Care

Dan has published and edited many papers and book chapters over the years. He currently holds the title of senior editor for the Journal of Pediatric Urology. He has sat on the editorial board of the British Journal of Urology International (under John Ftizpatrick) and has edited the Trainees’ Forum for the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons and the Barts Journal. He has also acted as a reviewer for European Urology and The Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons.


His most recent work is a publication titled: Transitioning Medical Care, this book addresses the concerns on how to manage the transitioning phase in a patient's healthcare and life. You can preview and buy the excellent material here: Transitioning medical Care

My Bladder's not going to stop me!

Dan is passionate about raising awareness for urological conditions such as incontinence.


In June 2019 Dan partnered up with Health Awareness and took part in a Bladder & Bowel campaign to address the stigma and raise awareness around conditions affecting the bladder and bowel. This year's particular focus was around improving diagnosis and issues such as the capacity crisis and highlighting the wide range of people that conditions of the bladder and bowel affect.

Have a read of the interesting article Dan wrote for the campaign and help spread awareness!

The Urology Foundation (TUF)

Dan is a TUF scholar, fundraiser and on their scientific committee. Among many other exciting things, for the past couple years he has run the London Half Marathon to raise money for TUF. This year, as part of World Continence Week Dan, wrote a piece for TUF explaining the impact of bladder issues for children and young adults.

"A condition is for life...not just paediatrics"